David Cornforth

Product and design leadership consultant

Case study: product delivery at HMRC


I served as a product manager on a team delivering a service to facilitate a citizens understanding of their previous year tax, claim refunds, and make payments online.


The goal was to manage the team through the discovery, alpha, beta, and live phases of the product delivery process, fostering a culture of trust, creativity, and empowerment to facilitate the team's productivity.

'Check how much Income Tax you paid' digital product

Image: 'Check how much Income Tax you paid' digital product


During discovery, research and design workshops were held to understand the complexities of the end-to-end service design, embedded user research throughout the entire process.

In the alpha phase, I guided the teams in the agile development of interactive prototypes, mental models, and user journey maps. This enabled rapid testing and iteration based on user feedback to create a minimum viable product (MVP) to allow users to act on their tax calculations.

During the beta phase, we focused on whole product optimization, built APIs, and developed reusable microservices using open standards.


The result was a product that transacted over £900 million for over 2.5 million users, which helped our company achieve significant digital uptake and won us the Digital Project of the Year at the UK IT Industry Awards in 2016.

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