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Product and design leadership consultant


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When working with organisations, I use my skills and experience to help deliver measurable outcomes.

Good product and design leadership involves several key principles. Firstly, product and design leaders empower their teams, granting them autonomy and ownership.

They have a clear vision and strategy for the product, prioritising user needs and value, working in collaboration across multidisciplinary teams to align efforts.

There is also a clear focus on delivering high-quality products through iterative development and continuous learning, combining quantitative insights with qualitative feedback.

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Why work with me? 

I take pride in fostering partnerships and working collaboratively with clients to help achieve their objectives. I am adaptable and able to adjust my approach in response to evolving requirements, thereby ensuring optimal results. At the same time, I strive to share objective insights and strategies to enable successful outcomes.

My commitment is also to help support continuous learning, offering ideas that can significantly improve both your products and teams. I seek to establish a learning culture that encourages experimentation, knowledge sharing, and improvement.

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